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Thanks so much all.

SickFinga, I really appreciate the detailed reply. I had looked up the VIN, but the first return wasn't very detailed and only gave me the model. After what you said about the build sheet, I was able to find it so thanks for the suggestion. Turns out the sports steering wheel, suspension and seats were from the factory but nothing else is.

I really like the car, but I can't decide. Originally when I first looked at it he told me it was a 325xi with awd. After I left and looked up the VIN the first time, it identified it as a 325i and my insurance told me the same thing. Now that I have the build sheet, it is for sure a 325i.

So I talked to him an hour ago... told him it's not a zhp and it's not awd. He argued it was and insisted it's got a ZHP package on it. After I gave him some more info, he seemed a bit confused and kept saying that's what the dealer told him when he bought it. So either he didn't know what he was driving for 5 years or he's lying. Don't know how you couldn't tell if you were driving an awd, especially in the winter. Also makes me wonder about the maintenance that was apparently done.

I'm really on the fence about this specific car... I told him I'll think about it.

I do like the E46 a lot, don't know if I should buy this one or search for another. Hmmm.
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