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Originally Posted by 70cruiser View Post
Hmm I don't have a time for my 5th run. Oh well, I'm really not concerned at all, that was pretty much just a day for me to learn how to drive on my new (to me) tires. Quite a change from the all seasons! Now that I know how far they can be pushed, I need to work up the nerve to drive at that limit.

I was looking for your car Randy, it took me WAY too long to realize why that purple M3 looked familiar! Lol.
Yea, my last lap was missed too. Wasn't told to do a rerun. Felt like my best lap sadly. Oh well. Video shows a time of 1:45.633

However, during the lapping, my flu and lack of sleep caught up to me. That and not getting a pass by for 2 or 3 laps
I was worried about a mental lapse that day and sure enough it happened. I should've gone home after autoslalom.

Anyhow, I went wide going into the first left hander after the bottom straight. The rear right tire went off the track, banged something hard (probably just from the drop off the track onto the dirt) and due to the sideways slide, bent that rim.
I had to go full oppo to save the spin.

So I'll either have to get it straightened or find a replacement.
I'd really like a set of Apex ARC-8's

Start 3:25 in to see the off.

Start 3:10 on the in car camera.

You can see quite a big wobble in this video.

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