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Race 2: Chris is driving #710, Arek is driving #747 and Eric is driving #411. The race goes well – no incidents, all the cars finish – sweet! One more race to go!

Race 3: I’m driving #710, Chris is driving #747, and Arek is driving #411. This one is for all the marbles. I need to run a 2.19.9 to not finish last in our mini-tournament, Chris basically just has to get a time to win. He killed it in all the cars.

I’m on the inside on the start – green flag – GO GO GO ! I get squeezed going into T1 – ok, go go go! I see a spot on the outside of T2 against the wall – GAS – go for it – oh crap – BRAKE BRAKE!!! The guy in front saw the same hole – I barely am able to keep it off the wall, and off him – push, push – we’re racin’!!! Chris is right behind me – crap he won’t give me a break! Just keep him back, go go go! Still having the same corner exit issues – Chris gets a way better launch coming out of T20 – we’re drag racing up the front straight... He’s not lifting, I’m not lifting – braking zone- he’s still not lifting!!! Ugh, off the gas, let him in front.... WHAT!!! He checked up too – oh crap, I can’t turn in – don’t lift now Shawn you’ll sping..... eeeeeeee, phew – I tuck in behind him – whoa – that was way to close. Turns out chris misshifted at the same time as I lifted LOL.... hooollleeeyyy!

I try and stay behind him, but he’s clearly got better corner exit – he’s got me for sure and there’s no getting him back... wait – what’s going on – no power going into the quarry – he’s pulling off.. that sucks - he snapped the throttle cable . I’ve still got a race to run! Go go go!

After passing the other red BMW (e90), I’m pretty much all alone on track – I slowly see myself starting to catch the front-runners, but as my tires deteriorate, I can’t keep up the pace, and I finish 4th overall, and P3 in GT2. Arek gets a P3 in GT3 as well!

What an awesome weekend – so much fun, and so generous of Arek and Eric for letting us do this. Can’t wait for Tremblant in a few weeks, where we get to do it all over again

Big Congrats to Chris as well for winning the 8-Legs tournament and posting the fastest cumulative time of the weekend !!!
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