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I finally got the car driveable (temp registration only it needs e-test) on Friday last week. Just in time for Bimmercuise.

The drive from Stoney Creek to Mosport was nerve racking. It was the first time the car drove more than 10km at a time and over 90 km/hr in probably 4 years. I lost some wheel weights and the rearend of the car vibrated like an SOB between 90 and 120 km/hr. I had them rebalanced at a Crappy Tire in Oshawa so the drive back was much better.

The car also slowly overheats when stuck in traffic (Oshawa and 401 back) just enough that turning the heater on keeps it in a safe temp. I think this is because I have a ebay special fan that sucks or blows. I'll upgrade to a proper Mishimoto for next time.

Other then that it was great to drive.

Some pics...

Early morning wash before the show...

Finishing touch...

At home after the show...

Thanks for all of the positive feedback from those that came over during the show to check it out. It was a great event.
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