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Originally Posted by 73 Tii View Post
Clean lines Rudy. What tranny is mated to the M10? Looks like close ratios.
Check back a few pages and see the adventures of the engine swap. Ditched the M10 for an M42. A generic Getrag 250 is the transmission in action. They go great when paired with a short diff! And thats Kurt at the wheel! He drove it nice and tidy!

Originally Posted by doogee View Post
I want to drive it again grrrr
Haha. I want to drive it myself!

Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
wut? you get to drive rudy's car even before he does?!?!

lucky dude!
Yeah I know eh!!

Originally Posted by doogee View Post
That's hilarious. The 2002 didn't pull on anybody that day. It was by far the slowest car there in a straight line. But it sure was fun killing everyone in the corners
Just when I was starting to feel good about the M42, you just had to say it out loud that its slow. LOL. Faackkk.

Originally Posted by BmW1819 View Post
yea kamus in A group
sloppy shifter lol seen u looking what gear am i in lol
We'll just say he was surprised by how short the gears were, and he was looking for 6th! Haha!

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