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2013 M3 should I or shouldn't I?


This is my first post here. I'm considering buying a 2013 M3 and can't decide.

I drive a 911 and want something with a little more room and more suitable for a daily driver, bringing the dog, travelling etc.

With the M3 my concerns are gas mileage. My 911 can get 22-25 mpg, is the M3 really around 15 and a tank lasts about 300 km's?

How is it as a year round car for Ontario weather conditions. I'm not a fan of AWD or FWD cars, have an SUV for the nasty winter days as well.

I'd like something fun to drive, smaller and nimble, yet practical enough as a daily driver.

Ideally I'd like an M4 but it's a long time coming. My other considerations are ordering a new 435 for late Oct delivery. I thought about a 335 with the M package but for me it still looks a bit too family and econo, suppose it would still be fun to drive, in RWD. Don't really want a 3 series coupe, especially the new 4 so close.

And, it's hard to find a 2012 M3 at reasonable price, don't want anything older. Not sure what to do, the idea of the V8 M3 sounds good, as long as it's a great daily, year round driver and is reasonable on gas with a high fun to drive factor. On the other had my concern is it's too much for a daily driver, loud V8 hard on gas etc.

Other than what I've mentioned I don't know what other makes or models to look at. Didn't like driving the C63 AMG, don't want a G35, or long AWD S5 or RS5, I don't care for the look of the ATS.

That leaves me split between three choices, the 2013 M3, the 435 or a current model 335i.

The M3 I'm looking at is loaded with almost every option, Executive pkg, Competition Pkg, upgraded leather, listed at $82,000, the max discount I've been able to negotiate is $6,000 off that.

Any suggestions or comments welcomed!

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