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When I get to the track, I swap on my R-Comps, loosen the 3 strut mount bolts, and push my camber plates from all the way out to all the way in. Very quick. If I leave the camber negative, the car is a bit pointy on the street. If I leave the camber out, the R-comps will skip and chatter through the corners.

Rear subframe
When I first installed my suspension, I went for new stock rear subframe bushings. They began squeaking after only a few track days, and kept getting worse. I highly recommend getting polyurethane units for the rear subframe as well as differential. I noticed no extra noise or vibration, and it makes the rear feel better planted and less wiggly. I have AKG for these.

When you lower the rear end, replace the trailing arm bushings with adjustable units. You definitely want to be able to straighten out your toe. Otherwise the car can be very tail happy. There are numerous options for this, some better than others.

I'm downtown if you'd like to go for a ride to see how it is on the street.
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