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E30 Lowering Question (e90 drop hats?)

-Hey everyone, so i'm looking to lower my auto e30 (daily driver).
-I am looking to go the route of springs/shocks for my auto since its my DD and i want it to be more comfortable than coilovers. I've measured the gap between my fender and top of my tire and i've gotten these calculations:
driver side: front gap 3" rear gap 1.5"
passenger side: front gap 2.5" rear gap 1"
-I am assuming that the extra .5" on driver's side is compensation so when you sit in the car it's level? not sure not to worried about it...anyways, i want to drop the front about 2" - 2.25"
-I have found lowering springs (along with new shocks) that drop 1.6 in the front and 1.4 in the back. I am okay with the back being 1.4" as it will tuck a little bit and i like that. but as for the front, i want about 2". This leads to my question...
*Has anyone ever had experience with e90 drop hats? Do they really lower the car another .5 inches in the front? If anyone can confirm that they do that would be amazing! Anyone with any information please let me know!

ps. how much front wheel gap is there on a stock late model e30 with stock tire/wheel (mine are aftermarket but match up to same size)

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