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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
what about your clutch fan? if it stays engaged it will continuously cool and not allow for engine temp regulation. I would go over your entire cooling system. from the therm stat, hoses, clutch fan.. faulty stat doesn't necessarily indicate a rise in temp.
Actually I don't have a clutch fan anymore, converted to electric puller fan with an 80/88 switch on the rad. Thermostat is 88 degrees and holds the engine temp pretty steady at the half way mark, it drops down a slight bit at highway speeds. Just went over the whole system when I changed the hoses, might drop in a 91 degree stat next time around for better cabin heat and to improve my highway fuel economy.

Mr. Ilia - I did follow the guide on M42club but made some slight alterations using a M44 hose to bypass the TB heater plate.

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