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m5 is a boat...sick but big. If you have a family though it makes a bit more sense..
but really it depends on what you want. generally the upkeep on the e39m is going to be more costly as well.

everyone is going to have their own lists of wants/needs.

the size and power to weight on m3 is win...but im not all that fond of the e46m for me to switch.. id likely go m5 just because v8 and it looks awesome.

the land yacht-ness of it would bother me though

ive seen more e39m5's today than e46 m3's. found it interesting. I mean really even e46m is kinda rare these days. I see e9x the most for sure(durr its the newest and every one is a faux baller these days with the latest amg's n shit)
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