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Very true, guys.

I think I just overreacted a bit. It's just that I was so excited to participate in the track portion of the event (it was what I was most looking forward to) only to find out that I can't participate for another two years for the same reason that I couldn't join you guys on the Midnight Cruise, either. It was not the most wonderful information to hear, as I'm sure you could understand.

I had previously planned going on a driving trip with my dad around then, but decided we'd go to Bimmercruise instead once I'd learned about the track driving portion. Now that I can't participate, it's a tough decision between going on a driving trip or going to Bimmercruise. So, I might still see you guys there! Maybe I could score a ride-along with a car or two instead.

We'll see.

Any word on which vendors will be there/what they'll be offering? That could be a part of my decision making process, too.

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