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Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
Disagree. Teaching someone to drive by cones is stupid. Period. What if the cone is moved? And more importantly, it teaches you to look at the wrong thing. Re-learning this habit is more difficult then learning it right from the start.
Late apex never was and never will be a safer and definitely not a faster way, I have no idea who came up with that gem, but he and the idiots that repeat it should be shot for teaching it to students.
There isn't a single corner on any race track that makes a late apex faster or safer, except for some hairpins and decreasing radius turns. By the way, T5 at Mosport is NOT a late apex at 5B, watch pros take it.
And speaking of Mosport, most schools will tell you that to enter T2 your car has to be about a car's width from the right edge, and entering T4 you need to be aligned with the second "C" in the Continental sign. I asked why to more than a few "experts" and never got an intelligent answer. My favourite was: "Because it's the line." I asked why, the guy just walked away. NONE of the pros drive it that way. NOT A SINGLE ONE.
Now, go on Youtube, watch ANY pro drive Mosport or ANY other track and show me a late apex. If you do, I am buying drinks.
Next items on the agenda are:
Slow in fast out;
When in a spin, both feet in;
Steady hands... and more B.S. I can go on

Bottom line - don't believe a doctor or a lawyer that learned how to drive a manual transmission at 40, joined a car club at 50, and became an instructor at 60. 90% of them will repeat the same B.S. that was taught to them by other doctors and lawyers. Try to find the remaining 10%
Wanna learn - watch pros.
Well said.

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