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Originally Posted by Tutankhamon View Post
I wish I got to this thread sooner before you rolled. Anyway, I run coilovers on the absolute lowest setting (with some tire tucking) with 265's in the back and it's no longer rubbing. I've fought this issue for a while and had my fenders rolled. While that helped, it lead to bigger problems in the wrong run.

The problem with rolling your fenders is that the whole lip of your fender is painted. When you roll the fender, it cracks the paint. The problem with that is after a while, water gets in there and you'll end up with rust on your fenders.

90% of the time, the fender isn't as much of the issue as is your bumper clips in the back. If fenders are indeed the issue, the best way to deal with it would be to get your fenders shaved entirely on the inside and repainted. This is all just my humble opinion though.

I would definitely take a close look at those bumper clips. They're located where the bumper meets the rear fender, they stick in quite a bit. I am willing to bet that if you haven't touched them at all in the past, that they're rubbing like crazy.
This seems to be more of an e46 issue since e39 don't have the same bumper clips
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