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BS detector to Red Alert

diagnosed it as a coil pack issue, since the car is under warranty the coil pack will be replaced by them, BUT because the coil pack hasn't fully failed yet and they don't know which coil pack is faulty, they can't replace it!!!! WOW

Wow, indeed. That's BS in many flavours and colours. Call another dealer and tell them "Dealer X says a coil pack is bad, but etc." Don't name names or get angry, but a smarter dealer will say "Bring it in, we'll find it or change them all."
If no joy there, call BMW North America and tell them what Dealer X said. Watch for launch of missiles from BMW NA to Dealer X.

they don't know which coil pack is faulty
I wonder if they could find their asses in the dark, given a flashlight, both hands and a ten minute head start?
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