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Originally Posted by biped View Post
So it looks like we are doing the same thing. I too have the 01 sport, front end stripped, subframe cleaned, painted etc. Was reading about swapping in the m5 steering box, contemplating grinding off the tabs... and rewelding for the m5 box.

So my question for you, how are you going to handle the wonderful world of electronics ?

Do you have the e38 specific shifter arm and selector rod ?

It seems in euroland the e38 was manual up until 1999, and there might be some unique challenges with cars post that. ( Pedal assembly, shifter mounting brackets etc )

Anyways, seeing as we undertaking the same beast, figured we could combine some brain power.
Nice to see another swap of this sort!!! You might be done way before me tho, at this pace I am moving at! lol

Electronics will be done by the experts at Stance Factory, they wired my E39 M5 swap in a day!

The shifter should not be a problem, I have the luxury of a warehouse full of parts to mix and match! Or worst case order from Europe.
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