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^ Thanks guys!

I had originally planned to take it to Mosport for a lapping day last Wednesday, but I just didn't have enough time to get everything sorted out on it. After I knew I couldn't make it, I sort of just gave up on it. Until yesterday. Wiring is done, kinda hack, but at least it starts, and I can move the car around. Just sorted the throttle cable this even by playing with the stops, and creating some other tabs and such to get everything operating properly. Goal for the end of this week is to tidy the wiring that it doesn't look so bad.

Anyways, so the motor runs, sounds okay I guess. Kind of noisy at the front like a chain noise or tensioner, whatever is in that area, but I think I need to run it a bit more before I make any assumptions on it as I've only run it for less than a minute so far. I am eager to drive it, but damn, it sounds like the epitome of Fart can, ricer, etc etc. The sound this motor emits out the exhaust sounds like faaarking JUNK! I need to get some mufflers ASAP for this thing!

Pics at the end of the week when its tidy and I've attempted at least a bit of a cosmetic restoration to the outer engine covers so it doesn't look so 'junkyard'

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