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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Now if they said rough starting, rough idle and vanos solenoid codes, that makes sense...

A hesitation itself can be caused by a number of things, they must have codes and perhaps did not tell her because again $1200 for solenoids and a service, not adding up.

Ask her what the codes were.

Also ment to say, add cleaner while engine is warm and let run.

@SubDad, a 2010 run strong until 2020... that must be sarcasm. BMW along with most others do not make a car that runs strong for more than 4-5 years before major issues start to arise, from headlights to fuel pumps its all rip out and replace and hand the customer a $XXXX bill each time, disgusting.
i was told that most car companies have engineers that their job is to find the fail point of a given part, if it doesnt fail they engineer it to fail at a certain amount of klms.. dont know if its true...
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