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And she breathes!!!! Sounds crazy straight off the headers. Ill see if I can post a vid later.

Just a few thing left before she's on the ground.
-e34 m50 throttle cable
-bleed brakes and clutch
-mount my remote brake res. (any suggestions? I read the the 2002 tii brake res is the best option. Trying to use my e34 540 remote res. just can't find a spot to mount it really. Can anyone confirm if the Brake res is suppose to be above the master cylinder? I am assuming it is suppose to be above because it needs to drain into the master cylinder. If not, I can mount it just under the intake boot.
-change my valve cover gaskets and paint valve cover
-spark plugs
-install exhaust and get a down pipe made
-clean up wiring and get e30 318/m3 beauty covers ( anybody have any laying around lol?
-new m50 valve beauty covers
-install vaders maybe even install the rear e36 m3 bench.
-put front end back together

I'm sure there are a few more things but I'd like to get the above finished before the end of this week.

A few pics



Also, does anyone have the chrome rings that go around the e30 headlights?

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