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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
I've heard people installing a larger master cyl. Also start with clean fluid, also bleed the ABS system. Sometimes dirt or old fluid will reduce effective braking. the e30's braking system is pretty balanced to begin with. Obviously more braking required to the front due to the weight of the engine etc. The only solution I have heard about improving stopping distance is bigger brakes. more surface area faster stopping but as mentioned who is to stay with any of these mods you just won't end up locking up and skidding?
Any pointers on bleeding the ABS unit, do I have to go to the dealership or can it be done with a little finesse?

I really don't think my brake pads and callipers are lacking the power to lock up my tires if I push hard enough. Something else is reducing my braking power, in the 12 years i've had this car I have not been able to get the brakes to where I want them. Even after replacing all 4 rotors, pads and rebuilding the callipers the braking still felt quite lazy compared to other cars. I even replaced the booster hose with a 300psi air line and installed a new check valve. Maybe it's time to go to extremes but I don't see the point to larger rotors and multi piston callipers if the problem is in the master or ABS system.

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