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Originally Posted by food View Post
Better control? Yes. Before you had 0 control over your bias. Now you will have some. This qualifies as better.

Will it help you brake with all 4 wheels? That is the theory. I have an adjustable proportioning valve installed in my Miata. I have not driven it as of yet though so I can not tell you how much it helped. The vast majority of the braking power comes from the front. I do not know if increasing the amount of brake pressure to the rear wheels helps with braking distances or will just cause them to lock up sooner.

I do not know the answer to this. But if you are so super at braking you feel you should increase rear brake pressures why don't you just rip the ABS out? Theoretically an increase in braking effort in the rear should take some load off the front, reducing the need for ABS in the first place.
Well my goal is not to drastically increase the rear brake pressure. When going to the 25/25mm master cylinder you have a lot more fluid going to the rear brakes, I just want to tone that down with the adjustable valve to give me a "close to stock" brake bias. I'm doing this in a way that I can revert to the factory specifications if it ends up being dangerous or unsatisfactory.

I would only remove the ABS if it was faulty beyond repair. Regardless of how aware or competent my braking is, if someone else were to drive the car or I was in a panic situation the results could be disastrous.
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