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E36 convertible speakers upgrade

Hey guys, im new around here, i tried to do a little bit of a search to see if there were any ports regarding this already, couldnt find much...

I am looking to upgrade my speakers / amp all around on my 99 vert...

I am looking to see what is the easiest way to get this done..
(i saw some diy's people were cutting into their doors to get bigger speakers to fit etc..) I am not looking to do much crazy work..

I have no clue what the SIZES are for the speakers in the front (kickpanels)
or the rears, not too worried about the tweeters..

If any of you do know the sizes or even know a specific one i should go for that would be as close to plug and play as possible, i'd love that.
(name/where to buy / approx price).

I have an alpine amp that i'm planning to wire everything to once i can get my hands on some speakers to start the work...

please do share anything you know .

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