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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
so I guess thats it for this season? sucks
There's some hope that I might have a car back together for the fall.

If I were to buy an M3 out of the states, swap out my pss9's, seats, and roll bar I could drive fairly quickly. Candidly the euro probably only makes a difference on the back straight.

If I pic up an M3 I will have another S52 conversion for sale this winter...

On the upside I'm still alive. The hit wasn't that hard but it did a fair amount of damage. After I get the insurance sorted I'll post pics.

Two brand new 888's seriously flat spotted.

I know someone who had the same thing happen in 8. He's not driving anymore. My guess is the lack of control of those things happening scared him too much. It is something to consider... We have no real control of engines imploding. I was pretty lucky to have it happen on the straight.
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