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All clean

Engine also got a quick shampoo and dressing



Finally after all the prep now we can start washing the car starting with the rinse

Cars are always washed using the 2 Bucket Method. If you are not familiar with the 2 Bucket Method, in a nutshell it is basically 2 buckets, one water only, the other soap. The water only bucket is where you rinse off the dirt from your mitt before placing it back in the soap water thus eliminating the potential to drag dirt all over your paint and causing swirls.

This is the dirt from a previous car. You definitely don't want to be dragging this all over your paint. Also notice the bucket with the sponge is pretty much clean

Rinsed out and new soap and water

Washing panel by panel starting with the roof

And rinsing off the dirt

Other details taken care of
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