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Lots more progress... but not much pics. Basically, all thats left to do before I can fire this bitch up is wiring (all of it) and exhaust. Rad is in, flywheel/trans/driveshaft installed, shifter fabbed up, etc etc.

Mounted the coils under the dash to keep the engine bay a bit tidier. ECU also mounted on the right.

Richie donated a shifter base to the cause, and it was a perfectly clean candidate to chop up. I ended up cutting the front part off, and basically bolting this entire base straight to the chassis. Shifter/linkage feels okay... I'd prefer the throws to be a bit longer... but what bugs me more is the side to side play. Its better than 75% of the BMWs I see everyday, but its not acceptable for a racecar IMO. I will attend to new pins and bushings once the car is up and running. But at least I can select gears now!


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