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E30 Brake Adjustment

Calling out for someone with brake system expertise.

I made up a diagram explaining my planned setup. I have all new parts so I can't really turn back now. My rotors and callipers are stock size, I installed new pads last year, master cylinder is almost shot and I need a complete brake fluid flush. The car has stock wheels with good rubber.

What prompted me to do this. My pedal is soft and not very responsive, stopping distance is rather poor. When my ABS kicks in (only wet roads) I can hardly force the car into a skid and the pedal sometimes sinks almost to the floor. Also when threshold braking I think the fronts are locking up before the rears. I think the stock bias is a little too idiot proof for me as I know how to drive this cars at the limit.

My question is that if I remove the stock pressure regulator and install an adjustable one will it give me better control over my brake bias and help me to use all 4 wheels to stop? Also if the master cylinder is 25/25mm bore compared to the stock 22/17mm, will this cause any problems because of the ABS like excessive sensitivity? Will having a restriction on the rear line cause any problems to the master cylinder, blow by or rupture the seals somewhere?

Sorry so many questions, I've searched for hours and can find a strait answer. Is this all a really bad idea? I don't want to spend thousands on a big brake kit and new wheels/tires.
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