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Progress is slow... but progress is progress, right?!

I asked the Dad to give me a hand with adapting the alternator which was a lot more hassle than anticipated. We used an alt mount bracket from an E36, and cut the crap out of it on the milling machine to make it smaller to clear the steering box, and also had some spacers and a few odds and ends made to get the alt to sit at roughly the same spacing as the rest of the pulleys. It turned out really well.

Started to get cracking on the radiator mounting situation. Found some scrap metal bits and went to town! With some scraps from the roll cage piping, and some leftover square tubing from some previous project, I made some bases to place the E36 318 rad in the front end of the car. That red cross brace you can see in the picture above that used to locate the E30 318 rad was chopped off.


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