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With the new season of Top Gear on now, I can share my images from my visit there. While on honeymoon, we stopped by to see the airfield as well as the studios. We initially were told no but when the guard found out we were on honeymoon he gave us a tour.

We got to see the new reasonably priced cars, the trailers that were really the Top Gear production offices and inside at the studio. The studio was not setup yet as they just finishing filming a movie there. It is worth to note that production offices are really the production offices, even though they made jokes about it. One last interesting thing is the stars that come on the show enter through a storage closet LOL. All the budget for the show is for the cars and trips is for sure.

I could not post it until now as we were there before the show aired and did not want to get anyone in trouble.

While there we also saw the new McLaren Mp12-4C GT being tested. We could not take pictures of it of course but saw it flying down the runway. It was flat black and fly’s like a bat out of hell.

I also got a souvenir that I can’t post what it is but if you ever are coming to an event, remind me to bring the official paper work I have of TG =). It was a great time there and the guard was a amazing wealth of knowledge and hoot to talk to.

All the images I was allowed to take.

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