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A quick update. I have 2 issues holding the car back.

After some research the Toyota rad comes with some problems. The reason my rad fan doesn't work is because the Toyota uses a naturally closed fan switch and BMW uses a naturally open switch. I currently have the Toyota connector wired in place of the BMW connector but that's not going to work. Currently I only found a Toyota Australia fan switch that would be a plug in or an aftermarket switch that may or may not seal.

The other issue is a sticking throttle that has been bugging me for a while. When I'm driving at about 1/4 throttle and I hit the clutch the engine revs up to red line and in about 3-5 secs later it settles back down. I can't replicate this by playing with the throttle body so I think there is something going on with the cable. The cable is brand new from BMW.

On a good note the car idles great, with the fan hot wired the car stays nice and cool just below 1/2 way on the gauge. The throttle response is good and the brakes are very firm.
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