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Need help tracking down oil leak

I have a weird leak going on. Droplets are collecting on the a/c condenser (the bracket underneath) and the power steering pulley. Since buying the car last year I've replaced the following trying to eliminate the leak:

Valve cover gasket (twice)
Rocker plugs (those half moon plugs, all 4)
Oil control valve gasket
Both oil cooler pipes (those actually leaked pretty bad)'
At least 2 oil filter gaskets (and new filters along with them)

It's definitely not the oil pan gasket or the sensor (the one right under the filter area). That area is clean after washing the underside of the engine.

I'm suspecting that it's the front main seal, but before I go in there and replace it (the timing belt is 6 months old and barely has any km on it) I was wondering if I was missing something.

Appreciate the help.

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