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I think the only way to get a better understanding of why this issue exists is to connect your vehicle to an OBD II diagnostic scanner (if you did not yet do so) that does SRS airbags and ABS. Companies like Autel makes amazing Professional ones that have full capabilities for a few hundred bucks. That or you can order the vehicle software and the OBD II - USB cable and use your laptop. At least this way you can check every system in there on the computer and see why. The good thing is though it does work! I have the opposite problem, mine does not work and the light remains on. My wheel speed sensors are the issue as it only started after my old rear brakes gave off a lot of rust before they were changed. The sensors are magnetic and a lot of it got caked on there but my bolts are rusted in and I was unable to extract them on jack stands so will have to get use of a hoist or pay someone $50 at a shop to drill them out of the trailing arms. I know how annoying it can be when our cars do not work exactly the way they should!

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