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Progress has been slow but......Some teaser shots of things to come.......

BTW....just to keep the purists happy.....all original motor and drive train including harness will be kept so that it can go back to OEM in a day or so......

Spec of motor it Euro S50B32 with forged pistons and rods, ARP studs dry sump charge cooled and and supercharged. New Vanos and some minor extras. 6 speed gearbox with lightened flywheel. Expect close to 500 Bhp with bulletproof reliability.
Reason i am going this way is its cheaper(Cost is less than what the parts would be for 300bhp S14.) and more reliable plus nothing needs to be done that can not be reversed! Hopefully getting a standalone too and then go over 500 bhp and Racelogic traction control! Oil tank in the boot is a 15 ltr.

Taking motor apart for a freshen up at the moment!

The car its comming from is a known Nurburgring terrorist!

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