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My 2cents on that FRS malarky.

I do not feel it is a big deal. He is one of many fr-s owners that will crash their cars this year. I see it as a good thing due to the fact of him wrecking it in a closed course environment and not on the street where such a mistake could potentially result in multiple fatalities.

There is no reason for this person to be driving at their limit on an open lapping day in a street car just for the **** of it and if somebody wants to do that its their choice and I would never go against that. As Ryan said quality race schools are important but what they provide isn't an increase in driving skill, but an increase in awareness. They teach you to be conservative, aware and to develop a driving style that allows you to hone your skills without a whole lot of risk.

It is good that this story has gone viral in the local community, maybe provides a reason for people to think twice about how they operate their vehicle. Besides someone who buys a white fr-s, in my opinion, is looking for attention anyways. He's going through a bad time now? who gives a ****, if he gives up on motorsport from this then he shouldn't be doing it anyways. Every single time you go to the track there is a possibility of this.
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