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Had my second GT race of the season last night...

Well my night didn't go so well, but it could have been much worse!

Did about 15min in quali and then this:


Was pacing Chris ok, but was getting pad knockback so my first pump of the brakes always got nothing. It was pretty nerve wracking.

Something felt off but I couldn't put a finger on it...

Well, turns out my axle was slowly letting go. The pad knockback was from the rotor wiggling around as the threaded part of the axle began to shear off.

Turn in for 14, back end steps out in a weird way, I hear a boom and see my wheel & rotor go flying behind me.. Oh shit....

Get it back under control and park it up the hill.

Doesn't look like too much extra damage but I'll for sure need new axles(both sides!!!), wheel bearings, pads/rotors/calipers, maybe a lower control arm...

So weird though - I've never heard of a failure like that on a BMW. I was sure it was the wheel bearing until I got out of the car.

Pics of the failure:

I brought the wheel closer... It ha gone flying!
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