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E30 Sport seat restoration [part1]

I uploaded this to R3V a while ago but I thought i'd share this to fellow maxbimmer members as well.

A while ago, I was looking for a set of leather seats...and seller sent me those images..

So I brought them home. Front seats had fair amount of cracks..

Rear pieces are in pretty good condition

I ordered Leatherique kit from Leatherique Canada - they were very helpful and informative.

I brushed Rejuvinator Oil onto the seats several times until they stopped absorbing the oil(front seats took about 5 coats and 2 coats for rear)

After 2 days(leather surface got much more soft after that) I grabbed leather cleaner

and sprayed on the seats

I let it sit for 2 minutes and started wiping off. I had to use about 10+ towels to get them complete dirt-free..

After I cleaned & redyed the back seat

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