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How did you mount the radiator(what modification was required)? Looks like a mishimoto MMRAD-T200-94?
I bought the rad at...

because it was cheap and I'm still not 100% confident the Toyota rad is the best choice. Once I know it works (see comments below) on hot days I'll post more details in the popular V8 swap forums as a reference. The other issue with the Mishimoto rad, is it doesn't have a drain plug, only the sensor bung.

According to the Toyota guys the best aftermarket rad is a Koyo but it's $$$.

This JohnnyD Mount Building Co. must have been busy, you used a lot of their parts!
Damn right!

When I started the swap the only off the shelf parts were the mounts with spacers. I bought a welder off Kijiji for $200 and started fabbin stuff.

WARNING!! To all those that want try this swap you WILL need to fabricate small brackets and mounts. I couldn't imagine not having a welder, grinders with cut off wheels, jigsaw with sheet metal blades, good hole saws and a vice and starting this swap. Now a days there are a lot of great parts available by Garagistic and I highly recommend you use off the shelf parts if you are not confident in your welding skills but there are a lot of little things that rarely get discussed in forums that will need little brackets.

Now back to work on the car! I need to figure out how to bleed the coolant system properly. I'm pretty sure that is my fan problem because the wiring is fine.
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