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Cheap: E30 steelies and hubcaps

I have seven original E30 steelies for sale (14")--they have BMW brandings.

4 have Yokohama winters, quite worn but can work as rollers/hold you over for a month. Two of those wheels have quite a bit of rust, but all are round (drove on them for 500kms last year). $5/each for the good ones, the rusty ones are FREE!

3 have Pirelli summers. The wheels are in better shape, but the tires are also pretty worn. Great for spares or to use as winter wheels with the two good ones from the first set. $5/each. (pics forthcoming)

In addition, I have 4 original BMW hubcaps to fit the steelies. $20 for the set.

All prices are OBO--or you can take everything for $40. More pics available on request.

**All these parts are currently in Ottawa, but I can get them to the GTA at the end of July.**
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