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Originally Posted by cheapthrills View Post
Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm definitely going to be sticking with the downtown address...I need to be a good citizen.

My insurance in CT was remarkably low...$750/yr for both cars. My lowest quote so far here was $2000, and that's my girlfriend going through her professional association. Most are in the $3500 range. Some places aren't recognizing my 10 years of clean driving. Lots of companies are completely baffled by cars older than 20 years. Also, the second vehicle seems to be nearly doubling the cost. In the US, adding a second vehicle was an extra $150/year. Also, the coverage here is way different. $1M mandatory liability is an order of magnitude more than I had.

Whatever, I'll just have to lube up and accept it.

Hey Mat, did you get your fuel tank figured out?
We got 2 E30s for $2500 yearly, most comanies definitely don't like the older cars.

Yes, I ended up changing the tank in the sedan (took four days of breaking rusty bolts) and had to do the vert as well! I think I can safely say I'm on my way to becoming good at doing these...
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