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740Li 2013 (F02 chassis) review (sort of)

Hi, so my E38 (2000 750iL) is having some major work on the engine (covered in the below posts)

After talking with the service manager at the dealer they agreed to loan me a 2013 (2014?) 740Li that have for demo for a few days (i still have it), before this i was driving a 328i Luxury from them, which had some features which i found a little better then the 7 series, which is surprising:

- Headlights on the 3 series seem better
- Air Conditioning seems better, way more powerful
- Door handle lights illuminate the ground as well (be design), and come on when reversing

So thought i would do a very small video on the car, might update it abit tomorrow if i get time with a few more minor features i have found, like:

- Seat belts pull you in to the seat when you start to drive
- "Gentleman's button" on the drivers door (adjusts the passenger seat and allows you to save that in the passengers seat memory button

Not a bad ride, however not as "smooth" as the 750iL E38 on the road, we didnt like the seats, although very comfortable and hold you well, arnt as comfy as the E38 (although i do have the comfort seats), i also cant seem to find how to raise and lower the back / front of the seat separately on this car either (whole seat up / down and that's it).

I also not sure i like the feed back on the steering, although nice, iesnt as smooth as the 2000 750iL which has more a Rolls Royce feel about it (again this car is a sport, so this might explain that).

I personally would look at the 760Li in this series if i look to buy one and check the above features again.
Many Thanks
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