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Originally Posted by BMe30 View Post
Looking at the build quality of the moroso pretty much yes imo. It is possible to use what your thinking of. But i would worry about the paper/cloth clogging with the oil and not venting properly. Inside the moroso there is a corse steel wool like material to separate the air oil. I think most of them are like that. There is a lot of DIY for these.. Even using a coke can lol.
I was thinking a Sapporo can with some steel wool inside and garden hose fittings. LOL

Well I did find this, it might help catch some of the oil vapours?

Also found something similar, a steel mesh water filter at Princess Auto in the farm section, only $10. Something like this

I don't know... I might not even run a filter. I'm still trying to sort out what hoses I need to delete the U pipe under the TB. Looks like 5/8" heater hose could work for the valve cover and ICV system, and 1/2" for the brake booster.
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