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Originally Posted by Max_VQ View Post
Thanks anyways. It is my buddies new to him 523 Touring in New Zealand.
It was imported from the UK. Only 585 RHD 523i Touring with manual transmission and M52TU engine were built.

Since so little of them were built, I should get the data for them in a couple of hours, so check back.

Got the data for it.

9 - 1998-2000 BMW 523i Touring Manual (DR32) - RHD painted in Glacier Green Metallic (334) with English Green Flock Cloth (F6EG) interior were built.

The most rare option on your car is the option S339A - Shadow-Line. It was installed on 97 out of 573 cars.

P.S. Ask your friend for the photos of the interior. Would love to see how the Green cloth interior looks.
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