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Hi everyone,

New member to the forum, but not new to BMW or other forums (same handle on bf.c, r3vlimited, e30tech, e46fanatics, spece30, nasaforums...) I just moved to downtown Toronto from Connecticut. I currently have an E46 daily driver and a SpecE30 race car. I'm importing both and plan to keep the E30 street legal, as it is now in CT. I was told today that to pass safety inspection, the car needs to be at stock ride height. Is this true? The E30 has H&R Race springs which aren't that low. If I can't get around it, does someone have some stock E30 springs I can borrow for a couple days? Also, my quote for car insurance is more than 4 times what I pay in CT. Is there any way I can improve this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

I do all my own car work, and have a computer with INPA, NCS Expert, and WinKFP fully functional (up through E60, I believe). I'm willing to help with any problems on that front.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to some car meets and cruises, and here are the pictures you will inevitably ask for:
Before I painted the E30, E46 on its snow wheels:

What the E30 looks like now...

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