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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Nice welds, I so need a gas mig welder, the flux core unit I have is just messy splatter city

So what plans for the motor? M20 fly wheel, exhaust cam adjustment, chip?

Also what gears r u running in the diff.
Yes, the mig does an okay job, it helps out with noobs like myself spit out some acceptable welds I need to get a handle on tig welding, it would definitely have come in handy for this manifold and turned out much nicer.

Plans are just to leave it alone for now. It already came with a MarkD chip (or so I was told, haven't looked inside yet) so it should be okay as is. I do plan to do some sort of flywheel, because theres no way I'll use that dual mass shit, and I'd like to reuse my race clutch. I was thinking to swap the ring gear on my M10 flywheel, but I haven't looked to see if that was possible yet.

The diff I have in the car right now is a 3.91. However, part of the difficulties of the swap were because of my decision to use an E36 trans because of gearing purposes. It should be nice and lively with this combo!

Originally Posted by jabela View Post
nice work!

Originally Posted by BMe30 View Post
Haha. Maybe in the future, but not for now! I am just going for reliability and seat time this year.

Got the exhaust header finished up tonight! Turned out as good as it could considering it was all done with a mig welder! Had to heat the #4 runner to get it to sit right, but everything is now minty without any major stress! Paint tomorrow, then install!


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