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I know the black is hard to maintain... but damn dude it looks effing slick when it's freshly cleaned, the black kidneys are a nice touch too. Pretty jealous you got one with a sunroof... I know the 320's are a bit light on equipment but that's the one option I really wish I had. Either way your car is looking pretty sweet. I usually hit up a coin car wash but I'll keep your advice in mind about touchless if I end up taking it to an auto car wash.

I haven't really tried punching it 5-6 times when idling, I'll give it a shot and let you know. I did just have my camshaft sensor replaced because I got a code and also it was idling a bit high from time to time... if you have that issue too then it might be the cps. As far as regular acceleration I don't get any hesitation, it's just a bit lazy from 0-40km/hr. High speeds are where this car really shines, getting on the highway is a blast and going from 110 to 140 is a breeze. She'll definitely holds a corner like no other car I've driven, for stock suspension I'm pretty impressed. I'd love to get up to 170 km/hr but my driving record won't allow for that (... license suspended a few years back and learned my lesson the hard way, took awhile for the insurance to come back down). If only we had zee autobahn...

One more question... what kind of mileage do you get? Mine has been a bit varied depending on my driving style but I'm also wondering how it compares to the auto.

Thanks again for the pics, it's hard to find other 320ers around... yours is definitely looking proper!
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