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The engine is in and sitting on its own! Had to cut the shit out of the bellhousing and oil pan to clear the steering though with the way the engine mounts located the engine. I started on the exhaust header this evening, but I'll have to finish it up tomorrow evening...

Passenger side engine mount, need to trim the base plate a bit, looks a bit bulky.

Started on the exhaust. Cut # 1 and 4 runners off, and cut the collector of # 2 and 3 to fix the flange into a spot where it would clear the steering linkage.

Naaaice. Faacking pic, somehow decided to turn 90* on its side. But you get the idea, it points out where it should

One collector done! One to go!

Rolled the car outside to take a break. Engine seems to sit nice! I like how its a few inches back from where the M10 sat. Very pleased.

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