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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
So on this dyno you put down basically the same numbers with the stock tune that you put down last weekend at the dyno day with the evolve tune, interesting, heartbreaker dyno for sure lol.
I made 285whp on both dynos on the stock tune. Evolve sent me a new tune after I sent them the logs of the dyno run at DL.
So the difference was in the tune, not the dyno.

Edit: my dads car dynoed 463whp on a third dyno on the vf tune, vs. the 450whp at DL motorsports, So either both Tag and DL have low(er) reading dynos OR the third dyno has a high(er) reading. But you're right, unless there are other conditions that affected the results (which is quite possible), you might dyno lower on DL and Tags dyno vs. on the other one.

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