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My Evolve tuned VF570 M3 & stock M3 DYNO results

Wanted to share the experience of getting both my car and my dads car tuned by Evolve.

I myself was part of the Evolve tune group buy recently. During this time my dad and I were looking for a solution for his emissions test coming up this year (he is catless).
I noticed in the options list of the group buy tune the "Catless O2 ready tune", so i started looking into this for his car. After some researching/PMs/calls/making a new thread (Evolve live dyno tune - how does it work?), and finally locating a dynojet with the "datalink" module, we decided to purchase: BMW M3 E46: Evolver ECU Tune + Alpha-N SuperCharger Tune

I then took my car to dyno (that i had previously dyno'd on last year stock), to see what i was now putting down with the evolve tune.
There were some gains, but overall it wasn't as an increase as i had hoped for. But with no monitoring of IATs or anything, there could be numerous reasons why these results as a comparison could be skewed.
After some discussion with Sal, we decided to take my car to my dads dyno day and put it on the dyno to do a better comparison. I loaded up the stock tune so i could dyno it first.

When dyno day arrived, we left bright and early for our 2 and a half hour drive to the dyno shop. We got my car strapped down, and after some delay in getting the datalink module working properly, we did some pulls, sent the logs* to Sal, and 15 minutes or so later I downloaded/loaded the new tune, and made some very impressive gains. I was very happy with these results (stock tune vs final evolve tune).

* Dynojet logs (drf.) included whp, wtq, iat, spark advance, afr, engine/coolant temps. (many more were selectable, but these are what Evolve were looking for)

With my car all done, we then strapped down my dads car. His power mods are: VF stage 2 (making about 9 psi at peak), Evosport Headers, CPI RT section 1, and RE El Diablo muffler.
I won't get into the specifics of VF tune, but now i know why the gas tank is always on empty :shifty:.
Sal then sent us the first evolve tune for this car. The numbers were amazing. Looking at the logs, everything looked great. We decided to dial it back just a tiny bit, and this is what we ended up with: (stock tune vs final evolve tune)

Peak gain of over 50whp!

Doing some partial throttle tuning next week.

I haven't driven his car since the tune yet as we encountered a LCA issue at the dyno shop, but from what my dad says he can definitely feel more power and better driveability.
Will provide more feedback as the miles go up.

Want to thank Sal and company at Evolve, as well as Mike at DL Motorsports in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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