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^^ Thanks buddy!

Got some progress to report on! I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm hoping to have the motor set in as well with the transmission by the end of the weekend.

Bye bye!

Funny, I remember a pic of the motor sitting in this exact spot in... maybe '09? Damn, that was a long time ago.


Uh ohh... Header and steering having an argument! This wouldn't be the only thing having an argument.... Turns out underneath the transmission bellhousing, flywheel, and oil pan have a bit of an issue clearing the steering linkage. This swap is NOT as easy as the internet seems to make it sound. Oh well, gotta keep on rolling with it!

I guess the motor doesn't look too bad in the engine bay! I'm starting to like it!

Time for mounts! Fabbed this thing up tonight, gonna test fit it tomorrow and let the engine off the chain and see how it sits on its own weight! More progress over the weekend (hopefully!)

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