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Originally Posted by joberube View Post
Thank you guys for the M5 link .... But I don't want to buy an M5 .. Too expensive .... I changed of career and I nees a clean car, powerful, funny,rwd, 4 seasons .... At 11 000$ Maximum !

I am from quebec city and if you know some clean and well maintened 540i at good price ( I prefer 02-03, but up 2000 can be ok ) not too far of me .... Let me know...... And what are the bad and the positive of the 540 ? .... Standart one please !
If you don't want an M5, then you don't want a tarted-up 540i either, especially one that is insanely over-priced, LOL!

The M62 has been known for timing chain guide failures (look for a recent thread as to the excitement of THAT job!) and is in general more difficult to work on than the I6 cars.

Engine work on the 540i is going to be more expensive than on a 530i for example. And that of course is relative to whether you can spin a wrench or if you have others do that work for you.

And in that vein, there are E39-specific issues like control arm bushings, subframe bushings and other suspension-related wear items that are common problem points from the M5 right on down through the rest of the line-up. So you need to remember to budget for the wear and tear items, regardless of what car you end up with.

Here's one that might be worth checking out (though it is priced a little low..... maybe a scam):

And one on Kijiji:
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