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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
You forget the premium in repairs, maintenance and insurance that accompanies a M5. That is why many people choose to go with the 540i, it seems like they are saving some cash.
I haven't found my M5 to be expensive to own or maintain

The most expensive repair at this point was the clutch job, which is of course an item one should plan on getting done at the mileage mine needed it (and I'm sure yours did too, as per our recent discussion, no?)

Insurance is also extremely reasonable. It costs less for full coverage than my Expedition.

I guess I get hung up on the tarting up of a 540i to make it look/trick people into thinking it is an M5. If somebody wants an M5, buying a modded-out 540i doesn't get you there. Since the car the OP linked (not to mention the price of it!) seemed to be pointing in that direction, I figured linking him to some real ones for not a lot more was a logical move.
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