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Thanks. This is my first BMW. I was into MK1 VWs years ago. When I was looking for a project car I had an SVT Focus as a DD (great car) and I didn't want another FWD rev happy car. I wanted RWD and more power.

I love the look of the E30 so it was a natural fit.

I actually wanted to do a S38 swap but I couldn't find a motor for a reasonable price for the life of me. I didn't want a 24v swap because it was just to common (I have regretted not going 24v a few times). At the time Jonsku's white M-Tech2 M60 cabrio was just being finished and a few threads popped up on I thought, no big deal lets do it. How much harder than a VW 16v swap can it really be???

3 years later (I took a few breaks and the body/paint took too long) but here it is.
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